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Frequently Asked Questions
+ What does endodontic therapy mean?
Westmont endodontic therapy is the removal of pulp that is infected or damaged in the mouth. Once this damaged area is removed, the tooth will need to be filled back up and sealed to protect it from being infected or damaged again.
+ What procedures do endodontists perform?
Endodontics Therapy in Westmont has endodontists that perform procedures or surgeries on your teeth and roots. The most common surgery is a root canal, which is needed when teeth have infected or damaged parts of their teeth that require removal. It is an important job.
+ What is the most common procedure in endodontic therapy?
As we previously mentioned, the most common procedure in endodontic therapy is a root canal. Our Villa Park endodontic therapy staff perform top-quality root canals, and your mouth will feel back to normal in no time!
+ What's the difference between a dentist and an endodontist?
An endodontist that performs endodontic therapy in Villa Park is a form of specialized dentistry. An endodontist requires two extra years of training/education that exceeds dental school. If you feel that you need to be seen by an endodontist, please contact us.
+ What does an endodontist do besides root canals?
Endodontics therapy in Villa Park is more than just root canal procedures. Apicoetomies are performed when the tip of the root needs to be extracted. This is just one other type of surgery that endodontics perform at Chawla Orthodontics.
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