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Frequently Asked Questions
+ What is oral surgery?
Oral surgery in Westmont is used to perform necessary procedures that need to be done within the mouth. This can include wisdom teeth removal, cleft palate surgery, misaligned jaw, reconstructive surgery, and TMJ/ TMD. If you have any questions, please contact us.
+ Why would you need oral surgery?
There are a few different reasons why you would need oral surgery in Villa Park. As we mentioned in the previous question, oral surgery can be required for tooth removal, cleft palate issues, jaw misalignments, etc. Our orthodontist will discuss if you need surgery.
+ Do I need to see a dentist before an oral surgeon?
Your regular dentist should always see you before seeking out an oral surgeon. Westmont oral surgery at Chawla Orthodontics is done by our excellent oral surgeon. Dr. Alexander Katnelson is board-certified and performs wonderful work.
+ How long does oral surgery take?
Villa Park oral surgery ranges, different procedures can vary in the length of time it takes to perform them. A simple wisdom tooth removal that only needs some slight numbing can be done entirely within a matter of thirty minutes or less.
+ What should you not do before an oral surgery?
If you are scheduled to have oral surgery in Villa Park with our Chawla Orthodontics oral surgeon, we will recommend what you should or should not do. When you come in for surgery, we do ask that you try your best to remain relaxed and calm. If you start to get nervous or anxious, it can cause your blood pressure to rise.
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