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Frequently Asked Questions
+ What is an orthodontic emergency?
Orthodontic emergencies can happen at any given moment, and they include infected or severely swollen gums or face, oral pain in your jaw, teeth/gums, and can consist of any trauma that happens to the mouth and face. If you experience an emergency, seek help immediately at any of our Westmont and/or Villa Park locations.
+ What constitutes an orthodontic emergency?
Any issue involving your teeth, gums, jaw, mouth, and face constitutes an orthodontic emergency. If you experience any pain, swelling, or trauma, do not be afraid to contact us immediately. Our Westmont office is here to help!
+ Is a broken braces bracket considered as an orthodontic emergency?
A broken bracket does not count as an orthodontic emergency. Although it is not an emergency, your broken bracket should be fixed sooner than later. The longer you wait to get it fixed, the longer your teeth straightening journey will take. Contact our Westmont location to schedule an appointment.
+ What is early orthodontic treatment?
Early orthodontic treatment is suggested and performed when the child’s oral condition presents certain developing signs. For example, difficulty in chewing or biting, growing teeth problems, jaw shifting, protruding teeth, and more. If your child has any of these signs, or if you have any other concerns contact our Villa Park office and let’s schedule an appointment.
+ What is the best age to start an early orthodontic treatment?
The best age to start an early orthodontic treatment is around the age of seven. Early treatment is usually needed while there are baby teeth still present, and can be dire for cases of really crooked teeth or a misaligned bite. If your child is in need of a consultation, feel free to contact our Villa Park office to schedule an appointment.
+ Is early orthodontic treatment necessary?
Not every child will need early orthodontic treatment, so it is better to consider a visit to the orthodontist for an oral examination, and to see if your child is in need of treatment or not. This will also reduce the chances of further complications in your child’s teeth and jaw developing and the need of future treatments. If you would like to schedule an appointment please contact our Villa Park office.
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