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Teeth Whitening


At Chawla Orthodontics, we do more than just give our patients braces. Many people do not realize, but an orthodontist does more than put braces on people. We offer a list of services that benefit your smile and confidence, and we wanted to tell you about one of our more popular services. Our teeth whitening treatment is very popular with our patients after they just recently complete their teeth straightening journey.

Why do people get their teeth whitening after braces removal?

There are two major reasons why patients decide to get teeth whitening treatment after they get their braces removed. The first reason is that they simply want to have a confident and beaming white smile. Having your teeth whitened at the end of your teeth straightening journey feels like the cherry on top of a perfect smile. Not only will you have your braces off, but you can walk around with a confident and beautiful white smile.

The second reason people get their teeth whitened after braces is that there may have been discoloring of your teeth during the process. Braces themselves do not cause stains to occur on the teeth. Discoloring and stains happen because plaque sits on the tooth for too long and is not removed properly or quickly enough. When plaque sits on teeth for too long, it slowly starts to strip away tooth enamel. When braces are removed, you would see that the tooth where the brackets once were placed has white around it. Teeth whitening treatment can help with this discoloration. You will have a confident smile in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Teeth whitening is a fairly straightforward dental treatment. It corrects discoloration obtained during long treatments or to improve the esthetic of your smile by carefully applying compounds over your teeth.

Teeth Whitening is perfectly safe.

Teeth whitening is not a for-a-lifetime procedure. It can last anywhere from a few months to a few years. If you are not careful with your hygiene or partake of some practices that can discolor your teeth like smoking tobacco products or drinking red wines, you may notice the whitening treatment wears off more quickly.

When you get teeth whitening, your teeth are exposed to compounds that break down stains and make your teeth glow brighter.

When patients opt for teeth whitening treatment they get the benefits of a near-perfect smile. Your perfectly aligned smile becomes even brighter and a more beautiful smile.