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Frequently Asked Questions
+ What is prosthodontics?
Prosthodontics in Westmont is prosthetic dentistry. Dental prosthesis is used at Chawla Orthodontics to reconstruct or restore teeth. Either a part of the tooth can be restored, or a whole new tooth can be created. This can also be used to restore parts of the jaw or palate.
+ What are the branches of prosthodontics?
There are different branches to prosthodontics in Villa Park, and we want to share some of those with you right now. There are a few different branches which include implants, fixed, maxillofacial, and removable. Each is very important and depend on the needs of our patient.
+ What is a prosthodontist?
A prosthodontist is someone who is highly trained and specializes in dental and facial issues that can involve the teeth and jaw. Westmont prosthodontics but know how to do dental implants, crowns, dentures, bridges, and even dental-facial cosmetics.
+ What is removable prosthodontics?
Removable Villa Park prosthodontics focuses on fixing or replacing teeth but with removable features. Dentures are a common removable prosthodontic tool. Dentures can either replace all of your teeth at once or set of individual tooth areas.
+ What is the difference between a dentist and a prosthodontist?
A dentist focuses on ensuring your teeth and gums' health, where prosthodontics treatment in Villa Park focuses specifically on replacing teeth or helping to restore function within the mouth that was hindered by teeth.
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