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Retainer Treatment Villa Park and Westmont

Frequently Asked Questions
+ What are retainers?
Retainers in Westmont are, first and foremost, an integral part of your orthodontic treatment. These orthodontic appliances are made of both plastic parts and metal wires to ensure a good fit in your mouth and proper strength to achieve their purpose.
+ What is the purpose of a retainer?
Retainers in Villa Park help maintain the new position of your smile once the main portion of the procedure performed by braces or aligners has concluded. A retainer has to be used following treatment with traditional orthodontic appliances to prevent teeth from displacing again.
+ How do retainers work?
When you receive Westmont retainers, you have to use them appropriately. Retainers exercise mild force over your teeth to keep them in place. It is nowhere near as drastic as braces. When you wear retainers, the metallic wire retains the teeth in place, preventing any possibility of malalignment.
+ Do retainers straighten your teeth?
You should bear in mind that Villa Park retainers are only part of the entire process of getting a well-aligned smile. Retainers themselves are not designed to impart sufficient strength to completely realign all of your permanent teeth at once. Retainers help keep your teeth straight and perform minor adjustments, but braces are a more efficient appliance when in need of corrective orthodontics.
+ How long do you have to wear a retainer?
If you are engaging in Retainer Treatment in Villa Park, you have to use them for the first four to six months after your main orthodontic treatment, and you should do so for at least 22 hours a day. In the following months, you should use them every night.
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