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Frequently Asked Questions
+ What are dental braces?
Dental braces in Westmont are a type of dental appliance that is used to straighten your teeth over a period of time. Traditional metal braces use dental cement to place metal brackets onto the teeth. The brackets are connected using metal wires and are hold into place using rubber bands.
+ What are clear braces?
Westmont clear braces are similar to traditional braces. They are cemented with brackets, wires, and rubber bands, but they are tooth-colored. The tooth-colored braces help to straighten teeth but allow a more discrete look to them. They are a little more pricey compared to traditional braces.
+ What are ceramic braces?
Ceramic braces in Westmont are the same as clear braces. Ceramic is the technical term for clear braces, and they are considered clear because they are made from tooth-colored materials. They are an ideal choice for teens and adults who are looking for straight teeth without the obvious appearance of metal braces.
+ How do dental braces work?
Dental braces in Villa Park do work to straighten teeth. Depending on your teeth' position, dental braces can take an average of two to four years to straighten your teeth. Over time, your wires and/or bands are adjusted to move your teeth little by little.
+ What do ceramic braces look like?
Ceramic braces are tooth-colored so that they blend in better with your smile. This is not the type of braces where you would pick fun rubber bands. They are designed to be more discrete, so you can feel more confident about your teeth straightening journey.
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