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Pediatric Dentistry: Helping With Dental Fears

Posted on November 13, 2020

One of the most common problems in Pediatric Dentistry is how much parents worry about their children’s dental health and the fears that their little ones might develop from that experience. Where and when to take your kids to the dentist is key for parents. You need to consider a place where your children will feel comfortable and at ease during treatment. Coming to our dental clinic will help you save these problems and more in the long run. In this brief article, you will find out how we can help you out solve those fears and why our Westmont and Villa Park offices are the solutions you were looking for.

Advantages of finding the right dentist

It is logical to be concerned with how your kids will feel about their dental health professionals. Much of the fear or anxiety that kids develop comes from the unknown factor of a new place and experience. Our doctors and staff clearly understand this, and for the same reason, we have created safe places with state-of-the-art equipment, where both of our Westmont and Villa Park locations house several specialties in dental health. And our highly trained staff will give children and parents the calm and security they need.

The advantages are clear, our pediatric dentistry specialists will provide you with all the attention your children require and the information you need. Children will receive the special care needed to feel at ease during treatment.  Both Villa Park and Westmont team understand how important it is to treat children considering the state of their development. We don’t make assumptions about a patient and act as if a child’s case is just like an adult’s mouth but smaller. Chawla Orthodontics knows how important it is to give age-appropriate treatment to each patient.

Receiving specialized pediatric dentistry treatment

Receiving specialized pediatric dentistry treatment will benefit younger patients because they will have all the help they require from dental health professionals that care for their hygiene and guide their proper dental development. But here is where it goes to the next level. Because Chawla Orthodontics is a dental clinic offering comprehensive care, your child doesn’t have to begin the journey towards a healthy smile with a new professional in a different city after they complete their early treatment. Any patient visiting our offices in Westmont or Villa Park will be able to either continue or start orthodontic treatment specially designed for children and younger patients with us as well.

At what age should my children visit a dentist?

Making sure that children receive orthodontic treatment as soon as possible helps them avoid long and painful procedures during their teen years. We recommend that children set their first appointment with an orthodontist around age 7 when most of their primary teeth have fallen off. A professional with the right training and experience is better suited to review a child’s dental development and discover hidden clues about potential orthodontic problems at a young age. We can recommend more effective strategies to correct or prevent those orthodontic conditions when we discover indications that a young patient will develop overcrowding of their permanent teeth or that they will develop malocclusions like an overbite or underbite.

Coming to any of our dental clinics at Villa Park or Westmont for orthodontic treatment that focuses on children’s needs can help your child maintain a healthier smile, avoid other problems like developing speech pattern complications, and strengthen their self-esteem. We recommend you decide to care for your child’s dental health as soon as possible, and if you are still wondering where to find the best care our children can receive, then we invite you to swing by our clinic and check it out for yourself. Set your next online appointment or give us a call.

Here at Chawla Orthodontics, we want to offer you our over 45 years of combined experience so you can benefit from the cutting-edge technology and treatment your child deserves.